Soul Leadership

Reverse your past trauma into career advancement.

Soul Leadership

Seasoned leaders are driven by passion and a vision for the business and are clear about why being in this business was a “must” for them. However, even the best need the emotional juice to keep them going from time to time when challenges appear. This program will show you how to tap into your inner resources and assess your position holistically and thoroughly to highlight ways you can do better as a leader.


This program is also for leaders who recognize that they must lead amid a reality that includes unprecedented pace, complexity, ambiguity, volatility, and uncertainty. 


With the help of this program, you will take a step back, see why your team and leadership are behaving the way they are, and ask the right questions to model the right things and grow together as conscious leaders.

What you will get:

1. Discover where you stand regarding leadership’s core competencies among thousands of CEOs worldwide

2. Learn about your creative competencies and natural reactive tendencies

3. Learn about how you see yourself as a leader

4. Know how your organization views you as a leader

5. Validate your internal assumptions about your role as a leader

6. Create an action plan to become the leader you want to be

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The Soul Warrior program is for you if...