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Soul Fitness

A group coaching program for those who want to develop the mental muscles to start living the life they desire.

Before you fly, you must learn to walk! Every day brings with a new set of challenges. If you get overwhelmed by them and feel like you’re unable to make a difference to your life no matter how hard you try, you may just need to get some perspective on what your mental blocks are and prime your soul to receive the success you ask for. No matter who you are or what your background is, it’s possible to break through barriers and achieve what you think is impossible if you only know how to prepare the right way. Soul Fitness will introduce you to others on the same journey as you and show you how.

What you will get:

1. Discover the saboteurs (mental intertitles) that are holding you back

2. Be introduced to your Sage powers

3. Learn how to intercept your saboteurs, evoke sage and create positive reactions

4. Measure your mental fitness progress with a mobile application

5. Learn from your group members’ personal experiences

6. Enjoy 8 group coaching sessions to facilitate learning

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The Soul Warrior

One-on-one coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The mindset of a soul warrior is all about turning the difficulties of your past into the opportunities of your future. No matter your past, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, the Soul Warrior will teach you how to look at your setbacks and turn them into skills to use every day.

Soul Warriors are willing to jump in and put all their effort behind their business without fear of criticism or failure.

This program will show you how to begin your journey of self-discovery, meet the best version of yourself, and get acquainted with your inner leader. Push through to the outside of your comfort zone and up your game so you can play in the big leagues.

This program consists of 10 sessions.

What you will get:

1. Discover your true potential

2. Define your value system

3. Gain clarity about your vision and purpose

4. Challenge yourself and set the bar high

5. Co-create a strategy and an action plan

6. Be held accountable for your own progress

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The Soul Warrior program is for you if...

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The Soulpreneur

One-on-one coaching for existing entrepreneurs.

This path is for existing entrepreneurs who feel “stuck” and cannot move forward. This path will make you revisit your vision and your business purpose.

Perhaps you’ve set your sights on a goal and are determined to reach it, but you’re not seeing the results you were expecting. You’re at the point of deciding if this is defeat, or whether you should push on. If you feel doubt creeping in that maybe you are barking up the wrong tree, the Soulpreneur program will teach you how to make one of the hardest decisions as an entrepreneur: one to push through hardship. Soulpreneurs respond to risk in vastly different ways than those who never got a business off the ground. They have a mindset that allows them to realign themselves to their big “why”, and because of their passion, they are able to renew their drive and belief that a life without trying is a life not lived.

This is a 6-month program where I will equip you with not only the mindset, but the practical tools and skills necessary to build your business in a way that supports you, mitigates risk, and enhances your wealth so you can build on top of each little success.

What you will get:

1. Align your personal life purpose with your business vision

2. Examine the values that you will embrace internally and externally

3. Clarify your message to the world

4. Align your marketing, advertising and operations with your message

5. Learn how to create multiple sources of income

6. Learn how to create wealth and maintain it

The Soulpreneur program is for you if...

Soul Leadership

One-on-one coaching for executives.

This 6-month coaching program is for seasoned senior executives who want to take their leadership to the next level.

As a seasoned leader or entrepreneur, you are already driven by your passion for your business and are clear about why being in this business was a “must” for you. Your business is an extension of who you are as a person, the encapsulation of your beliefs and values. However, even the best of the best need the emotional juice to keep them going from time to time when the challenges show up. Even the coaches need to be coached! This program will show you how to tap into your inner resources, and will assess your position in a holistic and complete way, to highlight ways in which you can do better as a leader.

Soul Leadership is based on the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP).

What you will get:

1. Discover where you stand in regard to leadership’s core competencies

2. Learn about your creative competencies and natural reactive tendencies

3. Learn about how you see yourself as a leader

4. Know how your organization views you as a leader

5. Validate your internal assumptions about your role as a leader

6. Create action plan to become the leader you want to be

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The Soul Leadership program is for you if...

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Group Leadership

A 6-month long coaching journey for your team or entire organisation.

This coaching program works based on the Collective Assessment Tool (CLA) from the Leadership Circle Profile.

This is for those entrepreneurs and leaders who recognise that they have to lead in the midst of a reality that includes unprecedented pace, complexity, ambiguity, volatility, and uncertainty. This program can help you evolve specific business units/teams, or your entire organisation.

Over 6 months, it will help you take a step back, see why your team and leadership is behaving the way they are, ask the right questions to be able to model the right things, and grow together as conscious leaders.

The CLA is one of the few and only tools that integrates a vast amount of insight and information into immediate opportunities for leadership development.

What you will get:

1. Valuable data that shows how people view the existing leadership culture

2. Insight into the reality of your current culture compared to the optimal culture you desire

3. Learn how to identify gaps in the assessment data that provide development opportunities

4. Identify specific leadership development points revealed by the assessment

5. Learn how to direct your focus to the right places and elements

6. Learn the precise steps you need to take to reach your desired outcome

The Group Leadership program is for you if...

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