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The Soul Warrior is a massive dose of inspiration and proof that your past doesn't need to determine your future. Highly recommended.


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Many people pass through difficult times that keep their souls hostage from becoming whom they want to be. They do “the right things,” yet they never achieve their dreams.

The Soul Warrior addresses how we — humans — can end up in such situations if we don’t change. Through this book, Abbood takes aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through a transformational journey that helps turn their problematic pasts into beautiful gifts that allow the soul to come forward and answer its call through entrepreneurship.

The Soul Warrior talks about the importance of knowing one’s passion and life’s purpose to pave the path towards soul liberation. By calibrating the four powers that directly affect the soul (faith, heart, health, and mind) and aligning them with your life’s purpose, entrepreneurs will be able to create a business model that works as an extension of themselves.

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Why Should You Read My Book?

This book is for you if you want to…

Find your purpose in life

Become a soul leader

Prepare yourself for an entrepreneurial journey

Rid yourself from self-limiting beliefs and thoughts

Break free from what’s holding you back

Gain clarity on your vision

Realize how you can impact the world around you

Have a plan that will help you start your journey

and more...

The Soul Warrior is available at all global leading retailers in print and ebook format. Get your copy now!

"The Soul Warrior is required reading for aspiring or existing entrepreneurs. It is one of the most refreshing and inspiring reads on entrepreneurship I have come across in a long time."


About the Author

Abbood is a third-generation entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of 3mushrooms Telecom, and a Co-Active Certified Professional Coach (CPCC) accredited by the ICF.

He has a passion for liberating abused souls, helping them regain the confidence and free themselves from self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs holding them back from becoming the future leaders they want to be. Abbood has combined his entrepreneurial skills from the many years spent in corporate America and his coaching credentials and skills to become the Soulpreneur that he is today. It is his mission to create a generation of free souls. In his free time, Abbood is also a recreational pilot and an amateur chef.