Who Would You Be If You Allowed Your

Soul to Lead?

Your business should be an extension of yourself.
Aligning your soul and life purpose with your business model is what soulpreneurship is all about.

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Hi, I'mAbbood

My story is that of an abused kid who only wanted to feel “normal” just like anyone else.

A story about a kid who was gang raped multiple times, at a very young age, who lost every sense that would make him feel alive to say the least. 

My story is about losing the meaning of life, losing faith in God, losing self-identity, losing hope, and losing what matters the most: myself.

I found my way from a place of darkness to the land of leadership and clarity. Today, I share the lessons that life taught me and how I was able to convert my past trauma to a gift of a purposeful life. This became the foundation and the essence of my book The Soul Warrior.

Needless to say, with all the obstacles that I have been through, I have reached new heights that I never thought were possible. If it wasn’t for unleashing my captive soul, I wouldn’t be the Soulpreneur that I am today.

Transform Yourself

How would life be different for you if you free your soul and answer you inner calling? Many of us do “the right things”, yet they never capitalize and lead to a happy life. Aligning your soul with your life’s purpose can create magic. Let me show you how.


This program is about turning the difficulties of your past into opportunities for your future.

Mind Fitness

This program will introduce you to your saboteurs and sage powers to respond positively to any adverse life event.


For seasoned senior executives who want to take their leadership to the next level. Based on a 6-month program and using a 360° leadership assessment tool.

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About My Book

So many of us have gone through difficult times in our lives in a way that have kept our souls hostage from what they were meant to be. We do “the right things”, yet we’re denying ourselves from living our dreams.

My book takes you through a transformational journey that can help you turn your past, however difficult it might have been, into a beautiful gift that will allow your soul to come forward to answer its call.

The Soul Warrior will show you how knowing your passion and life purpose are extremely important to liberating your soul. Creating a balance between your life’s purpose and the four main aspects that constitute a human being – spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical – will lead to a fulfilling life and will give you a sense of freedom like never before, so you can enjoy a life that is worth living.